‘150 peaceful pro-Biafra protesters killed’ by Nigerian military

A human rights group claimed that the Nigerian military killed more than one hundred and fifty peaceful protestors since the month of August 2015. Amnesty International stated that the country’s military used live ammunition and huge force against the pro-Biafra protestors who were protesting for independence from the West African country, Nigeria. Nigeria’s police official clearly denies all the above allegations, and the country’s army stated that Amnesty was nothing… Read Article →

New Zealand Tremors post Quake

Strong tremors are still hitting New Zealand after the earthquake that had been measured in at 7.5 magnitudes and claimed the lives of two people. All this was centred on the South Island region that had experienced hundreds of these including the one of 6.3-magnitude. The epicentre is very near to the town called Kaikoura that is located just north east of the Christchurch and all access to it has… Read Article →

Russian Navy destroyers drive off Dutch submarine in the Mediterranean waters

In a press release, the Russian Defence Ministry has revealed that its two navy destroyers took part in a mission, wherein they had driven off a Dutch submarine in the Mediterranean waters, which was caught ‘spying’ on Admiran Kuznetsov, its aircraft carrier that was stationed in the Mediterranean. Reporting the incident the ministry release also claimed that the submarine was caught some 12 nautical miles or 20 kms from Admiral… Read Article →

Press “Abuse” Of Girlfriend Vehemently Condemned By Prince Harry

In a statement made by Prince Harry from Kensington Palace, he has confirmed the fact that US actress Meghan Markle is his girlfriend. He did not restrain himself from attacking the media for subjecting Meghan to a “wave of mistreatment and harassment”. In his statement, it was made clear that the couple was in a relationship for no more than a couple of months and that it was not right… Read Article →

North and East England poised to face severe winter as met office predicts 4 inches of snowfall in East

Met Office in UK has issues a severe weather warning for East and North England and has predicted that people from north and east are going to expect at least 4 inches of snow in the upcoming 48 hours or so. This announcement has come up close to the heel of arrival of freezing Arctic air, which has already caused the temperature to nosedive to sub-zero level over the last… Read Article →

Democrats gains back power after Hillary gets a ‘clear’ chit from FBI

The Democrats gained the momentum in the race for the White House as Hillary was considered clear by the FBI post the private server probe. Hillary was charged under the alleged accusation of high level corruption due to which Donald Trump gained every opportunity to raise the finger upon the loyalty of Republicans. He also charged her with personal attacks and abused the supporters those who were campaigning for Hillary…. Read Article →

Oklahoma faced the earthquake with magnitude 5.0

The earth is showing abnormal behaviours and the earthquake as well as cyclone is more common in news these days. There are several earthquakes reported in different parts of the world and numerous casualties are also measured. A recent earthquake with the magnitude 5.0 shook the central Oklahoma on Sunday. The earthquake damaged a number of buildings. The local time 19.44 of the Oklahoma City faced the earth quake which… Read Article →

Rihanna did not turn up for Drake’s Birthday Party

The admirers of Rihanna must know about their ‘not-so-open’ relationship of Rihanna and Drake. Recently, it is reported that they not together anymore. Although, there official commitment was not disclosed in any of the media, still the couple was spotted in various parties and events in some close moments that it is easily predictable that they both are wooing each other. But, recently it is revealed that when Drake turned… Read Article →

Facebook Issues: 15 Temples Are Vandalized in Bangladesh

Religion is the concept based on which people make their thought, way of leading life improved. When someone is truly religious, it means that the person is devoted to the almighty and is keeping all negativities away from him to live and letting others live better as well. The inner growth and maturity comes by knowing the true meaning of religion and practicing the same. But, unfortunately, most of the… Read Article →

British Museum Waiter damages Roman sculpture as he breaks the thumb

A waiter, working at the British Museum accidentally had damaged a priceless Roman sculpture when the knocked its thumb off. The mishap had taken place in the month of December last year, but has just been published. This was revealed by the Art Newspaper. The waiter, whose identity was not revealed has been reported to have been from a third part or an external company. The mishap has occurred as… Read Article →