US is committed in curbing climate change

According to the US envoy to the UN, Nikki Haley, the US is committed in restraining climate change. The Indian-origin US envoy defended President Donald Trump’s controversial decision of withdrawing the landmark Paris accord. During the previous week, Trump had withdrawn the US from the agreement and he stated that India and China will gain billions of dollars for meeting its commitment under the agreement and they will also gain… Read Article →

Irresponsible remarks by the US-says China

China has put forth its opposition with regard to the comment made by the US Pentagon chief Jim Mattis at the time of a regional defence summit. He had criticised Beijing’s militarisation of the South China Sea. Washington has clearly expressed concerns about the artificial islands that is being developed by China. These artificial islands poses as a threat to freedom of navigation through the waters which has been the… Read Article →

Alcohol intake can cause loss of strength

In today’s fast life more than 70%, people are used to take alcohol at least once in a week. Yes, that habit might help them to stay away from mundane work pressure and tension. However, the habit can be dangerous for their health. No, I am not at all talking about cancer or such kind of precarious health problem. I am talking about some different health issues. According to recent… Read Article →

Afghanistan bomb blast; death toll rises to 150

The truck bomb in Afghanistan that shook the country is still not over. Each day, the death toll is rising like anything. It is shown that from 90, the toll has risen to 150 today. The President of the country, Afghan Ghani said that this is the deadliest attack that the country has even witnessed. It is said that, after 2001 attack of Taliban, this one is the terrible one…. Read Article →

1000 years old temple found in China

Archaeologists have excavated a temple in Chengdu city of China that is around 1000 years old. This Fugan temple belongs from Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420 A.D.) to the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279 A.D.) as per reports. It is said that famous Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.) monk Daoxuan arranged a religious ritual where he prayed for rains. He made this to stop the persistent drought after which it rained. Famous Tang… Read Article →

Protestors clash with Police over truck bombing

There is always a limit and a barrier to everything. When the people remain silent over any injustice, there is always a thought of considering them weak and silent forever. But, today, the condition of Kabul was a bit different. The truck bombing that killed more than 90 was a massacre in Afghanistan. The pre-notion thought of considering them habituated with every kind of violence is proved as wrong. Thousands… Read Article →

Exonerate 2 traffic control officers over Taiwan plane crash

In this Friday 2nd June 2017, two persons were accused for a plane crash in Taiwan declared acquit. In 2014, at least 49 passengers were killed in Taiwan for a drastic plane crash and it has marked as worst air disaster in the island for a decade. The TransAsia Airways flight way carrying 58 persons along with four crew when it smashed into trees and houses as it tried to… Read Article →

Ultra-tough antibiotic to battle with superbugs

US scientists have made a crucial antibiotic for killing the world’s most frightening superbugs. Their new edition of vancomycin is intended to be ultra-tough and appears to be a thousand times more powerful than the old drug. It prevents the bacteria in three different ways, making it much less likely that the bugs can move the attack. However it is yet to be tested in animals as well as people…. Read Article →

Many people died in Sahara Desert due to thirst

Approximately 45 people have died of thirst after their truck broke down in the Sahara Desert. There are only 6 survivors, and all are women, who walked to a remote village and are being looked after in Dirkou, Niger. They say several children have died due to the thirst. The route from Niger to Libya is one of the most important ways migrants to reach North Africa before crossing the… Read Article →

Internet: A hazardous factor for your BP!

Are you a net-head? Do you feel awful without accessing internet for some minutes? You are addicted dear! You are addicted to internet and the vast world of the same. It is good to roam about the internet as it is basically an information hub. Whatever be the thing, the one click search can open many results to know about the topic. There are relevant pictures, news and videos also… Read Article →