Spain’s Female Minister dies

Carme Chacon’s death is a prominent one owing to her young age and also being the first female defence minister in Madrid. She has maintained her firm position in the Cabinet from the year 2008 to 2011. It could be heard that during her Cabinet sessions she has modernized the country’s armed forces. When the Spanish Politician José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero stepped down in the year 2011, she stood as… Read Article →

E-Cigar can also cause heath damage

A recent study has proved that e-cigarettes contain could cause health issues. Researchers found that such type of cigars containing nicotine could cause a stiffening of the arteries. It has been come to know that alike normal cigarette, this type of cigar can also increase the heart problem as well as increase the blood pressure. The research has been done in the Stockholm city of Sweden and scientists have allotted… Read Article →

Trump happy with Russian Embassy staff decision

Trump had finally responded to the way Russia had expelled US diplomats from their territories. This had come just after they received notice of the new trade sanctions from the United States Senate. He was thankful to Putin for expelling them as he planned on cutting down the American payroll anyway. He had spoken about this to the press at a conference held in the state of New Jersey. He… Read Article →

Studies reveal that Milky Way has 100 million black holes

According to study and observation by scientists among which one is of the Indian origin, there lies 100 million black holes in the Milky Way galaxy. The astronomic research began long back more than one and half years ago. It started after the news that Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory or LIGO observed swells in the space-time continuum. This has been caused by the collision of two black balls, each of… Read Article →

Search conducted in the home of former chairman of Trump

The home of former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, is searched by the FBI agents who has been looking for financial documents. The past foreign political work is considered for investigation because of Russian interference during the election of 2016. The reports has been confirmed by the Manafort spokesperson. The spokesman said that the FBI agents obtained the search warrant and they have searched one of the homes of Manafort. However,… Read Article →

Relatives demand the hunt for missing MH370 flight

The relatives of the passengers of MH370 demanded a search for the missing flight which still not have been traced. The relatives demanded that Malaysia has to accept the offer of a US exploration firm who will take the responsibility of conducting the hunt for the missing aircraft. The offer has been previously suspended by Malaysia earlier this year. The Malaysian Airlines plane disappeared on March 2014 along with 239… Read Article →

Panda giving birth to twins in French zoo

French zoo officials have been extremely delighted with the news of that their pregnant panda is expecting two cubs instead of one. On Tuesday, 1st August, they came to know about this information. The impending news would be the first of a panda in the city. As report says that the Huan Huan named panda is a loan to ZooParc de Beauval zoo in France. It stays there with a… Read Article →

New trade sanctions from US sparks tensions with Russia

The new trade sanctions being imposed on Russia by the Congress are in and Russia doesn’t like it. Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister had spoken about them, saying that these tantamount to a Trade War. Medvedev also that the new terms and measures as signed on by President Trump have shown him to be a weak leader who had earlier been humiliated by the Congress. The new law imposing is… Read Article →

IAAF Championship Athletes struck by Virus

The athletes that are participating in London’s IAAF Championships have been given more than just a warm welcome. Officials have confirmed that a majority of them are new sick with what seems to be a serious cases of gastroenteritis.   A total of thirty of the sportsmen residing at an IAAF Championships partner hotels are now grievously ill. Tests confirmed that two of them have now have the Norovirus, a… Read Article →

Google Employee fired over Memo

An employee working over at Google had been fired for the strangest reason – he shared a memo with his colleagues. The memo highlighted some of his ideas of the diversity in his workplace that was seen as a very controversial one.   Sundar Pichai, the head of the Google had said that it was this memo had broken many of the codes of conduct practices and taken very seriously… Read Article →